Portada Rockwood

The Center for Energy Development of the Universidad de Antofagasta (CDEA) signed a Framework Agreement with Rockwood Lithium, a business unit of the world’s lithium producer Albemarle Corporation.

This is a research and development agreement for processes that allow the industrial production of Lithium Nitrate with applications in energy storage.

Rockwood Lithium is committed to making its facilities, experience and supplies of interest available for the characterization of lithium based on its application in solar thermal storage.

The director of CDEA and researcher of SERC Chile, Edward Fuentealba, said that this collaboration will promote the development and sustainability of Solar Energy, so that it is positioned as a fundamental axis in the Chilean energy matrix.

From its outset, the Antofagasta Energy Development Center has promoted the development of sustainable energy sources for industrial growth and the diversification of Chile’s energy matrix. It is the solar energy reference center in the north zone and part of the Solar Energy Research Center SERC Chile, through Universidad de Antofagasta.