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The director of SERC Chile, Rodrigo Palma, explained our solar wealth, the paths to make use of it, and the collaborative work necessary to achieve great goals, such as transforming Chile into an energy exporting country.

“We are a pearl in the world”, he said when showing the map of solar radiation.

The professor participated in the Congress of the Future on Wednesday 11, as part of the Energy block: From Electromobility to Smart Grids, along with Francisco Torrealba and Enzo Sauma. Their presentation focused on the collaborative work with communities, setting forth the SERC Chile project in Arica and Parinacota: Ayllu Solar, as an example.

“There are many paths to explore, such as green chemistry, and applications in architecture and biomass, among others. While abroad the whole world is studying these fields, they also have local relevance. The invitation is to explore our environment with studies in local communities”, he commented before explaining the four solar projects that are currently running in that region and those that could be created in the future, such as an emergency micro-grid for the city of Arica.

The director of SERC finished his talk by mentioning these challenges:

“There are opportunities in Chile to set the rules and incentives that give life to solar energy; We need more illustrative and learning projects; We need partnerships: communities must partner with public and private institutions to create a virtuous circle. And, last but not least, we need to create a solar culture that characterizes Chile as a country of the future, which is the interdisciplinary challenge we invite you to join”.

You can see the full talk at: From minute 12:33 to 12:49