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On June 1st, the Universities of Antofagasta (UA) and Católica del Norte (UCN) made a public acknowledgment to Professor Carlos Espinosa, one of the pioneers in the investigation of solar energy in Chile.
In the context of the launch of the book “Energy Revolution in Chile”, compiled by former Minister of Energy Máximo Pacheco, the work of Carlos Espinosa, Doctor Honoris Causa of the UCN, was recognized.
The director of SERC Chile, Rodrigo Palma, gave him a copy of the book “La Fuerza del Sol” and a photograph in which Espinosa appears with another of the solar pioneers of solar energy, Orlayer Alcayaga.
Palma highlighted the relevance of Espinosa’s work and described it as a precursor, among other reasons for having created a water collection system for the camanchaca, known as the “atrapaniebla” and for his fruitful academic work.
Espinosa was director of the Applied Solar Energy Research Center (Ciesa) of the Universidad del Norte; Unesco consultant for the Chile-Peru Project on mist collection and manager of the first Master in Solar Energy of the UCN that was given in the country in 1973.